Frequently Asked Questions
Not UK based or thinking of taking a vehicle outside the United Kingdom? We can help.

UK Military Sales
  • British Military personnel stationed in the UK.
  • British Military personnel embarking on an overseas posting 
  • British Military personnel currently serving overseas. 
  • Jaguar can supply vehicles to members of British Forces no matter where you are based.

Jaguar UK Military Prices provide a significant saving over the factory prices on both vehicle and options.

If the vehicle is supplied for export from the UK then you may also be able to take advantage of your tax free status and purchase your Jaguar free of UK VAT, subject to HM Revenue and Customs Regulations.

Jaguars supplied for permanent UK use will be subject to UK VAT at the prevailing rate

Welcome to the Tourist, Diplomatic and Military Sales division of Jaguar. Jaguar’s dedicated tax free and personal export sales team are here to ensure that the enquiry, purchase and delivery of your Jaguar takes place as smoothly as possible.


Jaguar Tourist Sales
  • Overseas visitors may purchase and use a tax-free car during the last 12 months of their stay in the EC. 
  • British residents who are about to leave the UK with the car for a stay abroad of at least 6 months may purchase and use a tax-free car for the last 6 months of their stay (2 months if the destination is within the EC). 
  • Private individuals wishing to export a new Jaguar from the UK The supply and use of vehicles in the UK free of VAT is subject to HM Revenue and Customs regulations. These vary depending upon the final overseas destination.

It will be necessary to specify the country in which the car is ultimately to be used to enable us to advice on model availability and after sales support.

Did you know points?
  1. We can provide you with the vat forms to complete, and the process involved.
  2. Factory concessionary pricing for military and diplomatic customers.
  3. A Free night’s accommodation for vehicle collections.
  4. Vehicles from each country can differ in specification it’s important to know how.
  5. Specialist finance available for export customers
  6. Exchange rates can make it an advantage to purchase from the UK, rather than at destination.
  7. For our UK based customers we can offer driven delivery to any UK address free of charge.
  8. Military customer benefit from our delivery pack asks for details.
  9. All our vehicles are delivered with a full tank of fuel to assist with your travels.
  10. We have representation in over 185 markets throughout the world.
  11. Part exchange facilities available.
  12. 3 year unlimited mileage warranty.

  • UK diplomats embarking on an overseas posting or currently serving overseas and their spouses 
  • Foreign Diplomats posted to the UK and their spouses 
  • Embassies and International Organisations - official vehicles

To qualify for the Jaguar Diplomatic Sales Programme you must be able to produce a diplomatic passport or service pass from a recognised international organisation.

Jaguar Diplomatic Prices provide a significant saving over the factory prices on both vehicle and options, in addition to full tax-free status. If the car is to be registered to an Embassy or International Organisation, rather than an individual, then additional savings may be made.


Visiting Forces Sales

NATO visiting forces in the UK, specifically those from Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Turkey and United States of America.

Under the Scheme customers are entitled to receive vehicles free of VAT, provided the conditions set out by HM Revenue and Customs are fulfilled.

Vehicles which have been sold free of tax to a UK based visiting forces personnel may not be sold on, given or otherwise disposed of to a person who does not enjoy the same privileges without payment to HM Revenue and Customs of the taxes and duties which have been relieved.

Vehicles may be supplied to UK specifications or to the specification of the member’s home market at a special Visiting Forces rate.


Who may qualify to purchase tax-free?
  • HM Forces personnel embarking on an overseas posting or currently serving overseas 
  • UK diplomats embarking on an overseas posting or currently serving overseas 
  • Visiting foreign diplomats and foreign military personnel based in the UK
  • Embassies and International Organisations - official vehicles 
  • Private individuals wishing to export a new Jaguar from the UK
  • Expatriate citizens returning to their home country having spent a period of time living in the UK

The eligibility and supply of vehicles tax free in the UK and for export from the UK is governed by HM Revenue and Customs.

Customers are responsible for ensuring that the import regulations of any country to which the vehicle is later exported are complied with. This includes responsibilities in terms of import license and to pay any port dues, landing charges, import duties or local taxes arising at the port of discharge. Jaguar recommends that customers contact the relevant authorities or Embassy of their destination country to understand and determine these prior to placing an order.


International Vehicle Sales

If you're looking for Global or Pan European specification vehicle, we have a department just for you. Our International Sales caters for individuals that wish to buy European or international specification vehicles for use any where in the world.

Our dedicated tourist, diplomatic and military team offers attractive pricing and exceptional service to qualifying individuals. If you're eligible under one of the criteria, finding and ordering your Jaguar couldn't be easier.

  • Choose from a range of exceptional vehicles that will meet your specific requirements – with elegance, style and comfort 
  • Protect your investment with a 3-year unlimited mileage warranty, 6-year anti-perforation warranty and the unique Europe-wide, 3-year roadside assistance service from Jaguar. 
  • Enjoy the support and advice of our tourist, diplomatic and military sales team that's as dependable as our vehicles.

As Jaguar is represented in over 185 markets throughout the world, we can provide vehicles and support in most countries.

Our specialist customer benefit from dealing centrally, giving them one dedicated point of contact for all your vehicle requirements. Through established and proven processes, the customer remains at the centre of everything we do – from initial point of contact to vehicle delivery through to ordering.

We can arrange and assist you with, International shipping for vehicles From the UK to 5000 main US, European and worldwide ports and depots.